The Use Of Social Media – Meeting Hunting Partners & Building Community

By Johnny Mack

Five years ago I met my best friend and now my wife through the power of the internet and social media.  We didn’t know each other growing up nor did we even know of each other’s existence until we met using the free dating app Plenty Of Fish.  It was love at first sight and it has been nothing but love ever since. The irony of it as it relates to hunting is, people have no problem using the internet to meet their spouses and significant others, but how many people will not use it to meet hunting partners or build community in the hunting world?    Continue reading “The Use Of Social Media – Meeting Hunting Partners & Building Community”

Nutrition In The Backcountry – How To Eat For Success

By Johnny Mack

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know and talk with Registered Dietician Kyle Kamp of Valley To Peak Nutrition located in Boise Idaho.  Kyle has been featured on the Hunt Backcountry Podcast presented by EXO Mountain Gear (, and is an amazing person who decided to make a change in his own personal life after realizing how unhealthy he was and the hardships it was causing.  Kyle decided to pursue nutrition and exercise to make a change in his own life, and after losing 140 pounds, he chose to become a licensed and registered dietician as a way to inspire and help others on their own journey. Continue reading “Nutrition In The Backcountry – How To Eat For Success”

More Than Meets The Eye – Using Scouting As A Recruiting Tool

By Johnny Mack

Summer is here and hunters are in full-blown scouting mode for this coming fall.  Welcoming summer brings about velvet antlers, new adventures, and plenty of fresh air as people are looking forward to exploring the different parts of the country.  As hunters are hitting the hills, there is another group of outdoor public land enthusiasts gearing up to do the same. Continue reading “More Than Meets The Eye – Using Scouting As A Recruiting Tool”

Hunting Answers The Call To Fulfill Our Need For Spiritual Health

By Johnny Mack

Have you ever been questioned about your passion or obsession with hunting?  How about being told that all you focus on or talk about is hunting and chasing animals.  My wife hounds me nonstop about how it is always on my mind and preoccupies my thoughts. She says it is the best worst thing to happen to me and our family.  It might be sad to say, but I can’t help it. Fulfilling my innermost primordial call to hunt and be wild is at the core of my existence, and hunting answers that call.  

Continue reading “Hunting Answers The Call To Fulfill Our Need For Spiritual Health”

Wellness & Hunting – A Perfect Match

By Johnny Mack

Wellness & Hunting

How much thought do you put into health and wellness?  Do you prepare every off season for your next adventure or does your health ebb and flow like the ocean tide depending on what you have planned?  The term “wellness” is synonymous with health, and is a common word that most people would be able to understand or describe. Yet even with it being common, it is not something that is used in everyday language nor do people truly understand the full breadth of its meaning.  Wellness is something that most hunters would associate with exercise and healthy eating, and for the most part, that is true. However there is so much more to the term than what the general public probably knows.

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