First Aid Kits | From your vehicle to the backcountry

By Dennis Deitchman

Being prepared for anything in the backcountry is vital. Whether it is equipment or learned skills, everyone should be prepared with some sort of medical kit. Even if it’s as simple as a couple bandaids (although you really should have a more thought out kit). I have two kits I use. One is for backpacking. It is very small, lightweight, and packs a punch in what it can do for me. The other is for my truck, and smaller outings where weight doesn’t matter.

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Wild Game Avocado Burger with Rosemary/Sun Dried Tomato Mayo

By Dennis Deitchman

There’s a million burger recipes out there, but this is one of my favorites. It’s more than a plain ol cheeseburger, but not over the top and impossible to eat. For your burger, you are going to want to add fat to it, as most wild game has little to no fat content. You can do this with beef fat, pork fat, lots of oil, or even frozen butter cubes mixed in. I look for about 10% fat in my grinds, and you can even play with your grind and add different cuts to it.

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Wild Game Shepherd’s Pie

Wild Game Shepherd’s Pie by Dennis Deitchman

If you find that your ground meat stash just never seems to go down, and you can only handle so many burgers, Shepherd’s Pie is a great recipe to use up some of that bulk game that can feed you and your family for a few days. This is similar to a chili or a stew, where you just throw in whatever ya got. It’s a great hearty meal for whenever the temps start dropping outside as well.

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