The Holy Grail

By Josh Austin | Instagram – @ihikeupperleft

We all have that “holy grail” hunt; the one that haunts your dreams, the one that keeps you up at night waiting for those special permit results to come in, the one that will create memories for a lifetime if only you could just put all the pieces together to make it work.  Sometimes that “holy grail” hunt isn’t even yours.  Let me tell you about my hunt of a lifetime.  A hunt where I never even picked up a weapon.  

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Seany Foundation Fundraiser

If you have ever been affected by cancer or know someone who has, you know how devastating and disruptive the battle is to everyday life. Not only for the person fighting for their survival and health, but for the family as well.

The Seany Foundation is a nonprofit charity that provides the opportunity for children who are battling cancer to go to camp so they can receive some happiness and relief from the storm. The foundation also sends the siblings of the cancer victims because when cancer strikes, it affects the whole family as well. My wife’s cousin attended a similar camp here in Washington as a child that suffered from a cancer diagnosis.

Washington Backcountry is on a mission to raise $3,000 dollars to help send these children to camp. We ask that you help us crush that goal by taking the time to donate and be a hero in the life of these children affected by cancer.

You can donate by clicking on the link below. Every gift, large or small, is going to make a difference in bringing happiness and relief to these kids! Thank you once again for making this world a better place. You cannot out give good!