Soulful Hunter Podcast

Whether you are brand new to hunting or a seasoned veteran, The Soulful Hunter Podcast is for anyone thirsting for adventure and a fresh perspective. With a focus on mentorship, community, self-discovery, natural connections, conservation & primal adventure, the Soulful Hunter is reinventing and reimagining hunting as you know it.

Ep. 12 – Balancing Purpose with Passion

Ever had a difficult time balancing your passions with your responsibilities? Yeah, you’re not alone. On this episode, Johnny gets vulnerable when talking about the struggles he has faced this season and how to overcome them.

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Ep. 11 – Recruiting a Non-Hunter with Tucker Stine

On this episode, Johnny talks with Tucker Stine about the transforming power of hunting and what it can do for your life. Tucker grew up loving the outdoors but never knowing what it was like to hunt. It wasn’t until he met Johnny, that the idea of hunting became so inspiring that he has chosen to give it a go. This conversation is a look into life without hunting and how important it is to recruit and mentor others.

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Ep. 10 – The Wild’s Call with Jess Patrick

On this episode, Jess Patrick sits down to talk about the wild’s call upon who we are as humans. Jess is an awesome guy with a lot of wisdom and insight when it comes to reflection about why we hunt. For more information on Jess check out or look for @wildscall on Instagram.

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Ep. 9 – The Why Series | Chapter 1 – What it means to be an ambassador for hunting

The Why Series with Jana Waller is a deeper look into the future of hunting. It will inspire you and challenge ideas, all while building a foundation of clarity as to why people hunt. The hunting community needs advocates now more than ever that are going to stand up for what they love and recruit the next generation of hunters. Knowledge is power and through this thought provoking series you too can be your own #soulfulhunter.

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Episode 8 – Mentoring and Changing Lives with Jeff Barlow of Nimrod Outdoors

On this episode, Johnny sits down with Jeff Barlow of Nimrod Outdoors to talk about mentoring and how hunting has the power to change lives. He also shares about his Hunt Mentor program that he has underway in the state of Utah.

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Episode 7 – Elk Hunting with Sitka Ambassador Dan Ness

Episode 7 is all about elk as Johnny talks with Sitka Ambassador, Dan Ness. They cover a variety of topics from Sitka layering systems, guided hunts and all things elk.

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Episode 6 – Waterfowl Hunting 101 with Tommy Sandoz

The Soulful Hunter’s purpose is to invoke passion and inspiration when it comes to hunting. Waterfowl hunting is something that I have never done but always wanted to. So when it came time to breach the subject and talk all things waterfowl hunting 101, Tommy Sandoz is the man.

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Episode 5 – The Power of Purpose with Tim Corcoran

On this episode, Tim and Johnny dive into the power of purpose and how hunting can be the precipice of purpose and fulfillment in life. They cover such topics as the root of humanity along with courage, vulnerability and feeding people.

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Episode 4 – The Why with Jana Waller

Jana Waller of SkullBoundTV joins us to talk about the “Why” in hunting. She shares her journey of being a hunter as well as some hot topics within the hunting community

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Johnny sits down to talk with Eric Dinger about the power of hunting as well as how to get more people involved. Eric is the founder of the website and app Powderhook that can be found for ios and android users. 

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Episode 2 – Lessons learned with tony Ellersick

Johnny sits down with his first hunting partner and Washington Backcountry team member Tony Ellersick to talk about their journey and the lessons learned.

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Episode 1 – The beginning of primal adventure

An introduction into The Soulful Hunter Podcast episode #1 with host Johnny Mack.

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