About Johnny Mack

Johnny Mack is the founder of Washington Backcountry.   His fateful encounter with a black bear and a group of hunters who were filming a hunt for their YouTube channel catapulted him into the creation of Washington Backcountry & The Soulful Hunter Podcast.

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He is also the author of the book FOUND: Becoming The Soulful Hunter (release date not set).  It is a nonfiction book detailing the struggles of becoming a hunter as an adult and breaking into the time-honored tradition of hunting without any prior knowledge or experience.  The book addresses the topic of chasing your dreams through the lens of becoming a hunter.  It is a motivational and inspirational book while giving details of how to shorten the learning curve of hunting.

Johnny started pursuing his love for hunting when he was 30 years old.  Although he was always an avid backpacker and fisherman, hunting was something that captivated him.  It wasn’t until 4 years later, that he finally notched his first big game tag.

When he is not in the woods hunting or enjoying the outdoors, you can find him at his day job as a middle school physical education & health teacher. He is married to his beautiful wife Megan and they have three young boys (Carter 5 yrs, Cannon  3 yrs & Case 8 months).


The Mack Family – Johnny, Megan, Carter, Cannon & Case

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